How Does Aqua Elita RO Systems Work?

Reverse Osmosis Process

Reverse osmosis is when osmosis is reversed by applying external pressure to the more concentrated side. The water is forced through a synthetic semi-permeable membrane that allows only water molecules. When pressure is applied to concentrated solution, the water passes through the membrane and the dirty water to be drained out.

In the reverse osmosis system water is pushed under high pressure through a very fine membrane poracity 0.0001 microns which completely remove dissolved impurities, as well as harmful micro organisms and even convert s hard water to sweet and pure water.

TDS Adjustment

A unique feature in our water purifier is the TDS control valve till date not available in other domestic water purifier. This valve permits the user to control the content of natural minerals (TDS) in purified water.

To increase the TDS level the user can turn TDS Valve control valve anti-clockwise. It will result in more mineral content in purified water. To reduce the TDS level, user can turn the TDS control valve clockwise. It will result in less salt content in purified water. We recommend the TDS of the purifier to be kept lowest but not below 75 mg/l.